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Departure Times and Pick up Places

Pick up Times at Hotels & Meeting Points, for Rafting BALSA River.

Tabacon Resort 8:40
The Springs Resort 8:40
Kioro 8:45
Arenal Manoa 8:50
Campo Verde 8:50
Mountain Paradise 8:50
Arenal Paraiso 8:55
Montaña de Fuego 8:55
Miradas Arenal 8:55
Amor Arenal 9:00
Kokoro 9:00
Arenal Springs 9:00
Arenal Waterfall Lodge 9:00
Lomas del volcan 9:00
Nayara 9:00
Tifakara 9:05
Volcano Lodge 9:05
Arenal Oasis 9:10
Casa del Rio 9:10
Baldi 9:10
Casa Luna 9:10
El Silencio del Campo 9:10
Los Lagos 9:10
Hotel Eco Arenal 9:10
Noah´s Forests 9:10
Paradise Hot Springs 9:10
Royal Corin 9:10
Silencio del Campo 9:10
Termalitas 9:10
Volcano Inn 9:10
Arena Montechiary 9:15
Arenal Country Inn 9:15
Bijagua 9:15
Cerro Chato Lodge 9:15
Hotels at Jauri 9:15
Palacios Arenal 9:15
La Pradera 9:15
Magic Mountain 9:15
Rancho Cerro Azul 9:15
Roca Negra 9:15
Arenal History Inn 9:15
Villas Vilma 9:15
Arenal Backpackers 9:20
Arenal Rafting Company 9:20
Arenal Rooms 9:20
Fortuna Suites 9:20
Hotels at Barrio Pilo 9:20
Santa Fe Hostel 9:20
Rio Danta Hostel 9:20
Sierra Arenal 9:20
DownTown Inn 9:25
Las Palmas 9:25
Monte Real 9:25
Secreto 9:25
San Bosco 9:25
Selinas 9:25
Xilopalo 9:25
Palmera Real 9:40
Hotels at Barrio Dora 9:40
Hotels at Ecoquintas 9:45

Pick up Times at Hotels & Meeting Points, for Rafting SARAPIQUI River.

Tabacon Resort 7:40
The Springs Resort 7:40
Kioro 7:45
Arenal Manoa 7:50
Campo Verde 7:50
Mountain Paradise 7:50
Arenal Paraiso 7:55
Montaña de Fuego 7:55
Miradas Arenal 7:55
Amor Arenal 8:00
Kokoro 8:00
Arenal Springs 8:00
Arenal Waterfall Lodge 8:00
Lomas del volcan 8:00
Nayara 8:00
Tifakara 8:05
Volcano Lodge 8:05
Arenal Oasis 8:10
Casa del Rio 8:10
Baldi 8:10
Casa Luna 8:10
El Silencio del Campo 8:10
Los Lagos 8:10
Hotel Eco Arenal 8:10
Noah´s Forests 8:10
Paradise Hot Springs 8:10
Royal Corin 8:10
Silencio del Campo 8:10
Termalitas 8:10
Volcano Inn 8:10
Arena Montechiary 8:15
Arenal Country Inn 8:15
Bijagua 8:15
Cerro Chato Lodge 8:15
Hotels at Jauri 8:15
Palacios Arenal 8:15
La Pradera 8:15
Magic Mountain 8:15
Rancho Cerro Azul 8:15
Roca Negra 8:15
Arenal History Inn 8:15
Villas Vilma 8:15
Arenal Backpackers 8:20
Arenal Rafting Company 8:20
Arenal Rooms 8:20
Fortuna Suites 8:20
Hotels at Barrio Pilo 8:20
Santa Fe Hostel 8:20
Rio Danta Hostel 8:20
Sierra Arenal 8:20
DownTown Inn 8:25
Las Palmas 8:25
Monte Real 8:25
Secreto 8:25
San Bosco 8:25
Selinas 8:25
Xilopalo 8:25
Palmera Real 8:40
Hotels at Barrio Dora 8:40
Hotels at Ecoquintas 8:45

If you book Sarapiqui Class III (AFTERNOON TOUR):

Please call or send us a message by whatsapp in order to provide a more a accurate PICK UP TIME  for this tour, according to your hotel.

Your Hotel is not on the List ?

Clic the next link to contact our tour operator by WHATSAPP, and get more info about pick up service.

Note: Don’t forget to mention the River or tour name that you want to book, pick up times vary according to river or tour.

Or call by +50689342626

Please Note:

Pick up service is ONLY included for Hotels located 5 miles around La Fortuna Central Park. The next list show hotels located out of this range, it means we do not pick up customers at this hotels without prepaid reservation of the extra service. If you need to book the transportation service for any of the next hotels please contact us to +506 89399239 with Daniel Anchia.

Hotels with Extra Cost Extra Service
Observatory Lodge $40
Arenal Lodge $30
All Hotels in El Castillo area $40
Chachagua Rain Forest $30
Tilajary $35
Linda Vista $40
Lost Iguana $30

What about my Airbnb ?

Unfortunately, different airbnb have similar names, some of them difficult access and wrong addresses or not updated on google maps, due to this issues we rather not offering picking service to customers at airbnb, in this case you can drive direcly to our main office in Town where we have save parking place, so we pick you up at the main office at 9:20 am for Balsa River Tours and 8:20 am for Sarapiqui River Tours, and continue to the river in our van.

find us on Google Maps

Meet us at our Office

Why is it better driving directly to our headquarters VS be picked up with our bus?

  • Skip the time while picking up other tourist at different hotels.
  • At the end of the tour you car will be ready to go to your next destination. Instead of wating for other people to be ready to get back to your hotel.
  • We offer free and safe parking with camera monitoring.
  • Leave stuff inside your car safely, and avoid lossing it at the river.