Payment Methods & Security

How to pay?

Our ecommerce is developed using wordpress woocommerce, after you add tours in the shopping cart, the system give you diferrent payment options like Paypal or Credit Card. Once you insert your data into the form the payment gateway will get the money from your account and pay later to Arenal Rafting.


Payment Methods

Once you are filling the form to complete the booking, you will be asked for billing data, which can defer from the booking data, normally the biiling data refers to the owner of the credit card, while the booking data refers to information of the person who will enjoy the tour.  After this info is filled up, the system will offer you different ways to pay: PAYPAL (using an active paypal account or creating one) or using your credit card information to process an online charge. You can choose the method of your preference, after the payment is completed the system will redirect you to a confirmation page with the information about your booking and payment, alternative you will recive an email with the same information in the email added during the booking process.

payment gateways


Security Measures

Our website has SSL certificate security Abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol for browsers and web servers that allows authenticating, encrypting and decrypting information sent over the Internet. Before make a payment make sure the root domain you are in is, and you can see the locked padlock. Having this certificate we can guaranty your data and credit card information will be full encripted and avoid data hacking.ssl certificate