Is it possible to do Rafting if I use a prosthesis?

Rafting can be a challenging activity, but it is possible to do it with a prosthesis, depending on the individual’s specific circumstances and the level of their abilities. It’s important to consider the type of prosthesis being used, as some may be better suited for water activities than others. You must know that safety instructions while sailing the rapids may involve taking positions like crouching or squatting to avoid falling out, so as soon as you can perform this movement the tour remains safe for you. 

A waterproof or water-resistant prosthesis may be necessary to prevent damage to the device and to ensure it functions properly in a wet environment. Additionally, the individual’s level of mobility and balance will be important factors in determining their ability to participate in rafting. It’s important to consult with a medical professional or physical therapist who can assess the individual’s capabilities and provide guidance on appropriate safety measures and techniques to help them successfully participate in the activity. Overall, with the right prosthesis and proper guidance and precautions, rafting can be a fun and exciting activity for people with prosthetics