What should we bring on a rafting tour?
  • Bring a bathing suit, specially for ladies, leggings or yoga pants are the best option,(bikinis are not always appropriate, –you may spend more time adjusting the bathing suit than using the paddle!). Water temperatures may vary during the year, however we go rafting on tropical rivers so we never get to use wetsuits. The way you dress must focus more on protecting from sunlight than cold water. 
  • Bring secure shoes; regular hiking shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes, diving boots, and any type of shoe that covers your toes and is well tied and closed around your ankle. 
  • Sunblock, please note: Do not apply on your forehead or the back of your legs, before doing the tour. It may come down to your eyes and cause eye irritation. Behind your legs it can make the material of the raft slippery.   
  • Extra clothes, bring an extra outfit, you can change your wet clothes at the end of the tour and enjoy lunch more comfortably with your dry clothes. 
  • Feel free and safe to leave all the stuff that you don’t want to risk in the river, inside the bus with our driver, make sure you leave; phones, backpacks and extra clothes.