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Where your money goes after booking a tour with Arenal Rafting?

It is interesting to discover where your money goes after you buy a product or service, what happens after you slide your card.

First Lets talk about expenses!

At Arenal Rafting Company as in any business a big percent of this money is used to pay common business expenses; office rental, electricity, water, advertising, equipment, payroll, transportation, loans, taxes, etc. There are some interesting points that you should know about this part of the money flow.

Read this important fact about where your money goes:

Did you know, guides from Arenal Rafting are the best-paid guides in the area?

Yes, we pay our guides for doing what tourists pay to do! and we pay them well. After some years working with different guides we discovered that the only way to offer a high-quality service was hiring the best guides of Costa Rica and if you want to have the best guides working on your company, you must be the company who pays the best.  In summary, well-paid guides do a great job!

Productive Chains, NO Monopolies!

At Arenal Rafting we are strictly against the tourism monopolies that some foreign companies are trying to implement, instead, we support Operational Chains, which means that our company focuses people and re

Tramo Mi Tata
Daniel Jiménes; Fruit Supplier, “Tramo Mi Tata”.

sources exclusively on the operation of Rafting Tours, and at the same time, there are external entrepreneurs 100% local, in charge of the restaurant, transportation, fruit and food supplier, accounting, marketing, maintenance, souvenirs, and shops.  In other words, many people get a piece of the cake. A cake that you buy after booking a rafting tour!

We calculate an average of 35 employers who depend directly and indirectly on Arenal Rafting Operation to get their salaries and provide for their families.

What about the profits?

Of course, there must be also some profits, Dany and Lily the owners enjoy traveling together around Costa Rica and the world, they also invest some money and lots of time breeding Dachshund Dogs “Los bebes Salchichas”.

But the most important for the comunity is all the money that they invest in Sports Sponsorship. Today Dany lives healthy he is a member and leader of the Costa Rican Rafting Master Team, which will represent

White Water Rafting Champions
Costa Rica Rafting Master Team; Daniel Anchia, Alejandro Contreras, Mauricio…

Costa Rica on the next world rafting championship in Bosnia on June 2022.

Dany was not always a healthy boy, he suffered a rough childhood due to drugs, today he is proud of being over 10 years clean of drugs and motivating dozens of people to do the same every year.

Daniel Anchia “Danyboy” believes 100% that sports are a great way to help young people to avoid falling into the hell of drugs. That’s why he decides to develop a program of sponsorship for youths with low economic resources but a great desire to succeed as athletes.

So either if you already did a rafting tour with this company or you are planning to do it. Now you know where your money ends up!

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